Real Estate Investor Financing Fund

Kenneth Ketner and Orange County based CLL Firm, LLC. Announce Real Estate Investor Financing Fund

Newport Beach, California., July 2017 – Kenneth Ketner and Orange County based CLL Firm, LLC, announces CLL Fund 1 to provide real estate investing that gives borrower’s access to a flexible short-term equity financing source.

As regulatory changes continue to improve there is an opportunity to increase investor returns as it related to the housing sector.  CLL Firm LLC has created, CLL Fund 1, as a source for short-term financing and equity for real estate borrowers in Southern California and others markets.

“Thanks to our unique real estate partnerships that we enjoy and our firm’s knowledge of the different markets we have arranged to provide private capital investors to fill the gap in the ever changing financial world, for people who want to take advantage of the increase in values and stagnate properties in the Real Estate Market”, said Kenneth Ketner Business Development Director of CLL Firm, LLC., who will serve as the COO of the fund.

The Southern California Real Estate Markets have seen record growth according to several sources. Southern California home sales dropped close to five percent compared to a year ago but housing prices have hit a record high in two counties in the Southern California Markets which the firm believes creates opportunities. CoreLogic reported that prices have hit an all-time high in Orange and San Diego Counties, Los Angeles County is not far behind.

In a recent LA Times article there is a quote from Selma Hepp who is the chief economist with a Los Angeles Brokerage Firm. The quote was “Prices are rising faster than incomes and a lot of people are going to be pushed out.”

Ken Ketner stated on behalf of the Firm “That we believe this is an opportunity to purchase properties for an investor and for that investor to have the necessary profit margins to improve the property to current standards and market the renovated property to a new prospective buyer. Our Firm is arranging a turn-key solution for our clients. One of our clients recently targeted a property that had been on the market in Newport Beach, California for over one year. Based on the financial solutions our firm offered them they acquired the property at a savings of $450,000.00 from the original listing price in April of 2016.”

Andrew Miner who is a principle in the Newport Beach transaction gave the following comment: “I have been a general contractor and investor in Orange County for over 30 years. I have built or developed several projects in that time period. As we all know the world changed in 2008 and financing became difficult. When I contacted CLL Firm about acquiring the property they directed me through the process with less stress that I had anticipated. It was fast, seamless and efficient.”

Ken Ketner continued: “We think we have found a sweet spot in an ever changing environment. The current Real Estate Market provides opportunities for the right investor with the right house for sale to prosper. CLL Firm looks forward to assisting in this process.”

About CLL Fund 1

CLL Fund 1, is a private entity controlled by CLL Firm LLC., which is based in Newport Beach California that provides equity and transactional advice for its client with an accelerated response and completion time frame.  CLL Firm uses third parties to facilitate regulatory transaction if necessary. Visit our website at for more information.

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