Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation

The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation (PKYF) is a charity I am very enthusiastic about.  Every year they create new goals, host Bike Day and create a scholarship all for underprivileged kids in the Las Vegas area.  You can learn about their goals this year along with Bike Day and the scholarship below.  I strongly encourage you all to get involved in one way or another — especially if you live in the Las Vegas area.  You can also visit their website at


2017 Goals

Our support at PKYF is targeted toward Las Vegas K – 12 students in a number of ways. In partnership with Las Vegas After-School All-Stars, PKYF aims to provide over 300 new bicycles and helmets to elementary school children in our annual PK Bike Day event each Spring. Our goal this year is to touch at least 450 new students in 2017.

In addition to rewarding the elementary students, PKYF currently offers college scholarships to seven college students and is seeking to raise an additional $80,000 for the funding of at least two more college scholarships for local high school seniors who plan to enroll in college in fall of 2017.

Along with educational support, we feel sports provide a great outlet that also helps teach youth a number of life skills including time management, teamwork, and self-confidence. PKYF helps fund local 501 (c) (3) traveling sports teams to help youth gain more exposure from college scouts for higher educational opportunities. We hope to give (5) $1,000 donations to different Las Vegas area teams in 2017.

We continually strive to improve the lives of students in several ways and in the near future, we plan to also become involved in children’s art and/or literacy programs and are currently seeking funding support to help get things started.

Thanks to those who have donated, we are growing and providing worthy causes to our local youth!

PK Bike Day

PK Bike Day is the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation’s annual event to honor Patrick Kelley and his goals for children in the Las Vegas Valley. The first event was held in 2004 where 30 bicycles were donated. In 2016, 200 bicycles and helmets were donated to deserving students and the foundation raised $80,000 toward college scholarships.

The underprivileged students selected for PK Bike Day are participants of the Greater Las Vegas After-School All-Stars Program and are chosen from a set criteria of educational goals each child aims to meet. During PK Bike Day, these students are rewarded with a new bicycle and helmet of their choice during a celebratory barbecue with their friends as well as Patrick’s family and friends of the Foundation. It is a very special and truly memorable day for these deserving students and for those who knew and loved Pat.

Patrick Kelley Scholarship

The Patrick Kelley Scholarship was created for underprivileged Clark County high school seniors with higher education aspirations. The scholarship recipients participated in at least a lettered school activity or sport and maintained at least a 3.0 GPA while in school. Our recipients are first generation college students who meet financial aid requirements. Once the recipient is awarded the scholarship he/ she is expected to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled as a full time student. Each recipient helps with local PK events and volunteers their time in the community as well. The foundation keeps in contact with each recipient and provides mentoring support to further help their college advancement.

The money for the scholarship is from donations to the Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation with the main fundraising support stemming from PK Bike Day each year.

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