Why “Let’s Be Frank About Cancer” is So Important to Me

City of Hope and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles are very near and dear to my heart and my family members’ hearts.  Recently, I attended a charity event held by “Let’s Be Frank About Cancer” called “Fly Me To A Cure” and it was extremely successful.  You can learn more about the gala and why I am so passionate about events and charities like this in the article below.



Defining moments in one’s life can come at any time. For Ken Ketner, a long-time Newport Beach resident and businessman, his defining moment began years ago when he was a young child.

“I suffered a debilitating bone disease and my parents had limited resources, so they turned to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for help. The care I got was beyond what words could describe,” Ketner says.

Ketner was named Easter Seal Child of the Year and became a spokesman for the organization at a very young age. He recalls that was his first effort trying to give something back for the kindness that was shown to him in a time of need.

It was in the late 1990s when Ketner met Frank Di Bella, an accomplished CPA. Di Bella had lost his kidney to cancer in 1994.

“I was impressed with Frank’s personal passion for helping others and especially his commitment to the Muscular Dystrophy Association,” Ketner says. “He organized a special event every year that helped raise money for the nonprofit for more than 20 years.”

In 2011, Di Bella faced a life-threatening battle. His cancer had returned with a vengeance. Given a diagnosis of only a few months to live by local doctors, Frank turned to the City of Hope because of their experience in developing powerful cancer treatments that saves lives. That decision saved his life, and Di Bella’s passion for helping others was refocused. That resulted in the founding of the “Let’s be Frank about Cancer” fundraiser, and, with the help of friends like Ketner, has raised more than $4 million for the City of Hope.

When Frank asked for my help, it was an easy yes,” says Ketner, whose wife Cheri, a successful realtor in Newport Beach, also became a willing “Let’s Be Frank About Cancer” committee member.

“When Frank asked for my help, it was an easy yes,” says Ken Ketner, whose wife Cheri, a successful realtor in Newport Beach, also became a willing “Let’s Be Frank About Cancer” committee member.

The money is sorely needed, and the statistics are staggering. According to the American Cancer Institute, the number of people living beyond a cancer diagnosis reached nearly 14.5 million in 2014 and is expected to rise to almost 19 million by 2024. Also, in 2014, an estimated 15,780 children and adolescents, ages 0 to 19, were diagnosed with cancer and 1,960 died of the disease.

Inspired by Sinatra’s famous song “Fly Me To The Moon,” this year’s gala, “Fly Me To A Cure,” was successfully attended by more than 400 guests. The evening was a celebration of life, of giving back, and of new discoveries. During the evening, His Excellency Milan Panic, former Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, was honored for his $1 million gift to the City of Hope. Likewise, Dr. Sumanta “Monty” Pal, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research and Co-Director, Kidney Cancer Program, was recognized for his role in saving DiBella’s life and for his contributions at the Milan Panic Laboratory for Molecular Medicine at the City of Hope.

The committee members joyfully gathered at the end of the evening behind a huge check for $691,931, made payable to Dr. Pal for cancer research at the City of Hope. The final fundraising efforts raised more than $713,000 that night.

Major sponsors for the gala included His Excellency Milan Panic, S. Paul and Marybelle Musco, Bret Hardin of Ancon Marine, Michael and JoAnn Sweig, Ken and Cheri Ketner, Argyros Family Foundation, Mobilitie, and the Hausman Family Foundation. Jann Carl, former Entertainment Tonight correspondent and co-host of the breakout reality hit, “Small Town Big Deal,” was mistress of ceremonies for the evening.

Ketner perfectly summed up the spirit of the evening and its mission by saying:

“Our community is very committed and generous to nonprofits, and we know all of these organizations could use more help.” He went on to say, “I wish the entire community had been present to witness the success and passion that this year’s event created. I believe that if people in our community witnessed the energy in that room, next year’s event would be overwhelming.”

If this cause resonates with you, visit CityofHope.org or follow City of Hope on Facebook.com/CityofHope, 
Twitter.com/CityofHope or YouTube.com/CityofHopeonline.

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